Last Updated on 6th September 2016
Howard Grimberg
 
            
  
 
   
 
School of Engineering Dean’s List
IEEE - Eta Kappa Nu Electrical and
Computer Engineering honor society
ACM - Vice President
   
   
Database Systems
Software Engineering
Artificial Intelligence
Functional Programming
Software Development Methodologies
Github: hgrimberg01
LinkedIn: hgrimberg01
Java JavaScript
CSS Spring
 
Python Linux Systems Engineering
Database Systems
Fluent Russian
AMAZON WEB SERVICES   
    
Technical owner of the AWS Console home landing page.
Provided on-call operational support to multiple tier-1 AWS systems.
Identified key operational risks and developed a plan to rectify major risks to maintain
availability SLA.
Mentored a software engineering intern and successfully converted intern to full-time.
Documented region build process to enable a single engineer to build a region in one
day vs. two engineers for three days previously, an 83% reduction.
Launched necessary systems for the Mumbai region and readied systems for an
undisclosed region. End-to-end owner for undisclosed region launch.
Developed an A/B testing system that dramatically simplified feature experimentation.
System was accurate to within 1%, enabled rapid feature experimentation, allowed
simple customer segmentation and dramatically reduced operational risk.
Launched a new landing page experience
AMAZON.COM   
    
Developed 4 (and counting) features on detail and search pages related to
Amazon Fashion.
Served as the technical lead for an experimental fashion browsing feature across mobile
and desktop.
Delivered 900 milliseconds page load time. Original target was 3 seconds or less in
order to meet or exceed detail page performance benchmark.
Served as local subject matter expert for various Amazon technologies concerning web
page rendering.
Collaborated closely with product management and creative design to evaluate
feasibility of new features.
Served as infrastructure point-of-contact. Responsible for hardware (EC2) provisioning
and management.
Reduced hardware underutilization from several thousand dollars monthly to $0.
AMAZON.COM    
    
Rebuilt wishlist landing page front-end to be responsive and match new UX standard for
Javari family of websites.
Developed backend for a major customer-facing feature for Endless/Javari.
Achieved target page rendering time of 2 seconds.
IBM CORPORATION   
      
Refactored and documented a sample application for IBM Informix RDBMS.
Extended the application to demonstrate the spacial and time-series data processing
features of the IBM Informix database server.
Collaborated with local and remote engineering teams as well as field technical sales
Collaborated with remote UX team to ensure compliance with IBM corporate standards.